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Publications by Steven Coxhead

Old Testament

Review of Leslie C. Allen and Timothy S. Laniak, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Reformed Theological Review 63 (2004): 155–6 (used with permission).

Review of R. T. Kendall, Between the Times—Malachi: The Last Prophet before Centuries of Silence, Reformed Theological Review 64 (2005): 167–8 (used with permission).

Review of Iain Provan, V. Phillips Long, and Tremper Longman III, A Biblical History of Israel, Reformed Theological Review 65 (2006): 106–7 (used with permission).

“Deuteronomy 30:11–14 as a Prophecy of the New Covenant in Christ,” Westminster Theological Journal 68 (2006): 305–20 (used with permission).

Jewish Studies

Review of David Instone-Brewer, Traditions of the Rabbis from the Era of the New Testament: Prayer and Agriculture (Vol. 1), Reformed Theological Review 65 (2006): 117 (used with permission).

Pauline Theology

Review of Paul Barnett, Romans: The Revelation of God’s Righteousness, Reformed Theological Review 63 (2004): 87–88 (used with permission).

Review of William J. Dumbrell, Romans: A New Covenant Commentary, Westminster Theological Journal 68 (2006): 375–8 (used with permission).

Review of Chris VanLandingham, Judgment and Justification in Early Judaism and the Apostle Paul, Reformed Theological Review 66 (2007): 183–5 (used with permission).

“Paul and the New Covenant Paradigm,” in An Everlasting Covenant: Biblical and Theological Essays in Honour of William J. Dumbrell (Reformed Theological Review Supplement Series 4; eds. John A. Davies and Allan M. Harman; Doncaster: Reformed Theological Review, 2010): 119–44.

Covenant Theology

“The Importance of Covenant in Biblical Hermeneutics,” (2008); online:

“Absolute and Covenant Righteousness Reconciled,” (2009); online: CovenantRighteousnessReconciled.html.

John Calvin

“A Critique of John Calvin’s Interpretation of Righteousness Concepts in Ezekiel 18” (M.Th. diss., Australian College of Theology, 2006).

“John Calvin’s Interpretation of Works Righteousness in Ezekiel 18,” Westminster Theological Journal 70 (2008): 303–16.

“John Calvin’s Subordinate Doctrine of Justification by Works,” Westminster Theological Journal 71 (2009): 1–19.

Australian Culture

“‘Bệnh Khiêm’ ở Người Australia,” Tri Thức Trẻ 17 (Tháng 11/ 1996): 69–71.